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To embark:
1º. Register your luggage with the corresponding airline.
2º. Go to the boarding area.
3º. Before carrying out the check in Airport Security, verify not to carry prohibited items, such as flammable and sharps.
4 °. Wait for the airline's call in the departure area of ​​your flight near the boarding gate.


To embark:
1º. Register your luggage with the corresponding airline.
2º. Present your corresponding identification document, either identity card or passport, as appropriate.
3º. Go to the international shipping sector.
4 °. Before carrying out the check in Airport Security, verify not to carry prohibited items, such as flammable and sharps.
5 °. Wait for the airline's call in the departure area of ​​your flight.


Advertising a brand at Carriel Sur Airport means a powerful showcase for companies, as it is inserted in a defined market segment and with a high brand reminder given the time the user stays by their side. Carriel Sur Airport has a wide range of advertising spaces for companies.

Felipe Fuentes Muñoz.


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07-10-2019: Clarification Circular No. 1 is available. Document was sent by email of the participants, questions and / or inquiries write to the email:


E01 - Food Store-

245 local m², located in an expanded sector of the boarding hall of the passenger terminal, next to one of the two new boarding bridges. It is located in a sector destined to the operation of international trips. Meanwhile, when international trips do not operate, it will normally be used for national trips.

It is expected that this place can receive prepared food, such as sandwiches, salads, drinks, coffee, pastries, among others of similar preparation.

E02 - Cafeteria - Gelateria - Donuts.

97 m² premises, located next to one of the two new boarding bridges. It is expected to offer passengers and users a grain cafeteria service and additionally an added value through a complementary product, such as artisanal ice cream and / or donuts or similar.

It stands out commercially for its location parallel to a row of passengers while waiting for access to the bridge that connects the terminal with the aircraft, which makes it very attractive for the consumer.

E03 E04 - Convenience Store

129 m² sector divided into two commercial premises (E03 - E04), located in the middle of the only access to the departure lounge of national and international flights, a format that is commonly called “Walk Flow” in other important international airports and that implies a high commercial surplus value the forced flow of the passenger.

For this place it is expected to offer the passenger, in one wing: edible products to take away and in the other wing: gifts and / or souvenirs, or for practical use.

E05 - Central Boarding Cafe.

129 m² premises meters located in the heart of the departure lounge, therefore its name of central cafeteria. It is expected to offer a “Take away” cafeteria service plus complementary foods, which can be taken as well as consumed in a comfortable space, with high standard furniture, and that has connectivity for the work environment.

E08 - Open proposal premises.

75 m² premises, called as an open proposal, since it is not framed within a specific item assigned, as the passenger terminal is expected to receive commercial proposals not contemplated in its products and services plan and that give added value to the needs of the market.

However, it is suggested to receive offers related to fast transactions and other than food consumption, such as gourmet chocolate, jewelry and accessories, electronic items or other products.

E09 - Public Hall Confectionery

12 m² premises intended for general public in the public hall of the second level of the passenger terminal, close to a food court, and prior to access to the departure lounge.

Its objective is to offer products such as machine coffee, cigarettes, confectionery, chocolates, snacks, drinks, newspapers, among other products "in passing".

Its market is mainly passengers who have not yet entered boarding, family members of passengers, airport personnel and sub-dealers, among others.

E10 - Public Hall Cafeteria.

83 m² premises located on the first level of the public hall sector, next to the exit of the terminal and in front of the arrival of passengers. The sub-concessionaire is expected to offer a high-quality cafeteria service plus complementary products for an attractive and permanent market, including: family members of passengers coming to arrive, workers of sub-concessionaires, passengers arriving and coming to board, and the general public, to through a space of comfort, comfort, warm and connected.


Processes Home Start (day) Term Term (day)
Milestones and Activities 25-08-2019 Sunday 21-11-2019 Thursday
Bidding and Awarding Process 25-08-2019 Sunday 21-11-2019 Thursday
Call for tender, publication in the official newspaper and website. 25-08-2019 Sunday 25-08-2019 Sunday
Delivery of Bidding Terms to interested parties (prior purchase) 26-08-2019 Monday 29-08-2019 Thursday
Preliminary analysis of BALI by buyers 30-08-2019 Friday 12-09-2019 Thursday
Receipt of inquiries or clarifications from interested parties 13-09-2019 Friday 13-09-2019 Friday
Analysis of stakeholder inquiries 23-09-2019 Monday 04-10-2019 Friday
Response to inquiries made by participants. 07-10-2019 Monday 07-10-2019 Monday
Analysis of the investment project by the participants. 08-10-2019 Tuesday 25-10-2019 Friday
Receipt of offers at the Concessionaire's offices located at the Carriel Sur de Concepción airport or central offices. 28-10-2019 Monday 28-10-2019 Monday
Bid review and evaluation 29-10-2019 Tuesday 20-11-2019 Wednesday
Notification to awarded bidders. 21-11-2019 Thursday 21-11-2019 Thursday

Commercial plan

Boarding room premises